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Drawn from sources that have a headache…

  • An illustrated guide to making t-shirts with the Yudu machine. What IS a Yudu machine you ask? Make with the clicks and find out.
  • The Beat has the 2009 Ignatz winners. Congratulations!
  • Who reads webcomics? Read this post and find out. Here’s the original post.
  • reports that the webcomic Wide Awake has been optioned for film.
  • io9 has an interview with Randal Munroe.
  • GeekToMe posts that Wednesday will be webcomic day and asks for creators to email them with their URL.
  • Act-I-Vate goes to the movies.
  • Sweet Fat Life: Webcomic.
Reported by Michael Moss.

Drawn from sources that are sore from exercise…

  • Secret Asian Man leaves and resumes publishing on own site.
  • Act-I-Vate at the Brooklyn Book Festival.
  • Brad Guigar posts a how to create your own survey on
  • The School Library Journal has a post about webcomics.
  • Ryan Estrada posts about the state of the Cartoon Commune.
  • Mike Lynch points out that today’s Hi and Lois talks about webcomics.
  • The XKCD book, ‘xkcd:volume o,’ is now available.
  • An interesting article about taking a look at what we’re actually paying for.
  • Gods Playing Poker celebrated 2 years online on Sunday.
Reported by Michael Moss.

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