Drawn from sources that love Monty Python…

  • Comics Nexus has some great webcomics in their column Webcomics Wednesday. Check it out!
  • Joey Manley talks webcomic promotion. Don’t forget to read the whole series.
  • PHD Comics gets a post on Neatorama.com.
  • The Beat gives us a good look at Baltimore Comicon.
  • The Trades has an interview with Lora Innes, creator of The Dreamer.
  • Brendan McGinley of Bankshot Comics announced the launch of their new webcomic ‘Citizen X: The Mission’.
  • io9 highlights webcomics-in-print.
  • The Floating Lightbulb posts some challenges to Joey Manley’s post about how to make a living with webcomics.
  • Viz is accepting for submissions for their original graphic novel.
  • Galactic Binder says that Star Wars themed webcomics deliver the goods.
  • The Consumerist explains why even bad online reviews can increase sales.
  • CBR has an interview with Tom Siddell, creator of Gunnerkrigg Court.
  • Robots and Monsters on Neatorama.
  • Fraggin’ photo reference for a fee.Scientific paper explains Superman’s powers.
Reported by Michael Moss.

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