Drawn by sources who don’t believe the promises of the visitors…

  • The Company Man, by Pedro Hernendez, has started publishing on its own website in addition to Comics Nexus. Check it out!
  • Webcomic creators assemble! Develop your own iPhone app offered free from the makers of AWSOM.org.
  • The Telegraph picks the ten best webcomics.
  • Scott McCloud asks what is ‘Your Comics-to-Crap Ratio?’
  • Scott Kurtz has strong feelings about Wizard conventions and form letters. Good for him.
  • Hermit Hill, the first webcomic in Metaplace.
  • John Cleese gives us shares his brilliance on creativity.
  • CBR talks about the death that stalks all webcomics.
  • Brad Guigar asks the question, Facebook or SEO?
  • Xaviar Xerexes reviews The Amulet Book Two, The Stonekeeper’s Curse.
  • Does Kiva hold some secrets for webcomics?
Reported by Michael Moss.

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