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Drawn from sources that are being monitored by a school-issued laptop…

  • Nedroid is coming to TopatoCo.
  • OSM cast has a roundtable discussion about webcomics.
  • The Webcomic Builder takes on procrastination.
  • MTV profiles Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik.
  • Video Game Virtues interviews Matthew Taranto, creator of Brawl in the Family.
  • Seattle Geekly podcast talks about electronic media and webcomics.
  • The Daily Cartoonist has it that the Dallas Art News is going to start a webcomic section in April.
  • The Webcomic Overlook reviews Hark! A Vagrant.
  • gives Axe Cop some press.
  • The Webcomic Builder has an interview with Gianna Masetti, creator of The Noob.
Reported by Michael Moss. 

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Drawn from resources all over the web…

  • Neil Gaiman weighs in on Christopher Handley’s case.
  • Marvel Comics takes flack from Tea Party protestors and apologizes.  The price of accuracy I suppose.
  • The Makers start an online series about business.
  • The Webcomic Builder has an interview with Gianna Masetti (Hat tip to ComixTalk).
  • Brad Guigar celebrates 10 years of webcomics. Congratulations Brad!
  • Coyote Trax has a review of Atomic Laundromat.
  • Comic Riffs interviews Scott Kurtz after he speaks at Macworld.
Reported by Michael Moss.

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