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Drawn from sources all over the micro-verse…

  • The tragedy of Calvin taking Ritalin.
  • Charles Lavoie makes the case that practically every New Yorker cartoon can be re-captioned with ‘Christ, what an asshole!’ without loosing the funny.
  • NH State Rep. Nick Levasseur, massive tool, thinks that anime is a reason that ‘two nukes just wasn’t enough.’ The incredible tool apologizes for his stupidity at least.
  • Comic books absolved of role in vampire hunting spree in 1954.
  • NYC Graphic has an interview with Jason Little.
  • Fleen has a post about PAX East 2010 if you’re curious about how it’s going.
  • Intervention webcomic convention pre-registration is open.
  • Platinum and ezprints launch an online store.
  • Sequential Tart has an interview with Anders Loves Maria creator Rene Engstrom.
  • WEBCOMIC SPOTLIGHT: Bottlebrush and Slick
Reported by Michael Moss.

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Drawn from sources that are just back from frolicking in the sun…

  • Vox Magazine this week has a story about local creators using the web to share their work. It also has interviews with Scott Ziolko, Jeremy Burt, Gary Lister, JB Winter, and Keith Chan.
  • Revo-emag has their picks for the best webcomics ever.
  • CBR spotlights Gabrielle Bell.
  • Webcomic Planet War! 2010
  • The Webcomic Overlook #113 reviews Xylia Tales.
  • The Beat has an interview with Rantz Hoseley on the LongBox launch at Emerald City.
  • White Ninja reaches 1000 strips! Congratulations!
  • Odori Park turns one year old. Congratulations Chris!
  • Joey Manley posts about American Elf creator James Kochalka’s video game fund raiser.
Reported by Michael Moss.

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