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Back in the day, Disney artist Carson Van Osten created a short-but-sweet guide to common comic strip staging and layout problems. Recently I ran across some lovely reproductions of this guide over at Mark Kennedy’s blog, The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels. His blog is a wealth of information on animation and cartooning in general, so don’t stop with this post but read through the rest of his site, too. And make sure to thank Mark for sharing!

Sara Ryan has an awesome series of posts up on her blog aimed at how to write comic scripts with artists in mind. The posts are not just informative but entertaining, with a lot of food for thought for beginning comic writers and good reminders for veterans.

Best of all, her advice isn’t just from personal experience, but straight from the mouths of a number of  artists themselves.

March 6, 2010: Getting a robot to make you a sandwich and other tips for writing comics

March 10, 2010: More tips on writing comics: What artists wish you wouldn’t do, part one

March 14, 2010: More tips on writing comics: WAWYWD, part two

March 17, 2010: More tips on writing comics: WAWYWD, part three

Check ‘em out!

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